Jamaicans have always had reservations when it comes to activities that fall on the more risqué side of life.

One such activity, using body bars, a variation of the Japanese nyotaimori (the practice of serving sushi from the body of a woman, typically naked), has seemingly become more popular in recent times.

One person who provides the service, Valmore Walters of Pleasure In The City, suggests that contrary to popular belief, the practice should not be considered taboo.

“People believe the body bar has a taboo nature or it’s a freak thing but it’s not. The purpose of a body bar is just for entertainment for some people. It’s not a freaky thing. It’s just like having a meal at a restaurant; it’s a sensuous dining experience. Although some people use their mouth and go down and take off the stuff that’s on the girl, there’s no freakiness going on there,” said Walters. – from The Gleaner

Stush peeps, what’s your take on body bars?


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