Napoli’s opened on May 7, 2012, with restaurant owner and head chef Thomas Anderson having a vision of giving the people of Montego Bay a top-quality dining experience at reasonable prices. Chef Anderson’s father is Jamaican, and mother Italian/Jewish, so he has been exposed to quite a variety of cuisines. He studied at the Culinary Institute of America in New York and has been cooking for over 32 years. His work experience includes opening several hotels such as Sandals, Swept Away, Radisson in the United States & Jamaica. Chef Anderson’s interest in food began at age 10. His parents owned a restaurant in South Carolina, so he found himself immersed in the culinary scene and thus sought to start cooking seriously at age 17. We asked Chef Anderson – “what inspires your meals?”. CA: Flavours, fresh ingredients and just love for cooking. Fresh produce plays a critical role to the menu creation and as a result the menus change every four (4) months to reflect what’s in season. What are your favourite dishes at the restaurant and why? – Chicken Alfredo and Rigatoni pasta with Roasted Chicken and fresh parmesan. The creaminess & flavours of the alfredo are mouth watering and there’s nothing better than fresh parmesan on freshly made pasta and well seasoned roasted chicken. Why should people visit Napoli? This answer is simple…our food is of the highest quality and affordable prices are guaranteed! The experience at Napoli’s will stimulate your taste buds. Chef Anderson is also an owner of “The Lime” & “Bistro DeLeon” in Nashville, Tennessee and also started “Oceania” in St. Lucia.

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