The New York Times – Travel writer Baz Dreisinger came to Jamaica and spent 36 hours traveling throughout our beautiful home. Here are some notes from his article:

– On Kingston – “A woefully underrated, misunderstood metropolis. Yes, there are slums and there is crime. But there is also cosmopolitan culture, pulsating night life, a booming local music scene and a host of other urban delights”.

– On Jerk Chicken – “Jerk chicken is a Jamaican culinary cliché. Eat it in its birthplace, however, and taste transcends trite; here’s the real deal.”

– On Dunn’s River Falls – ““Jamaica” comes from the Taino word for “land of springs,” and for good reason: the island abounds in rivers and waterfalls. Dunn’s River Falls is the Disneyland of them.

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