“A bus conductor died yesterday after his head was crushed by a car travelling behind a Toyota coaster bus from which he was kicked by a male passenger yesterday.

The dead man has been identified as Trevor Wright, alias ‘Shorty’ and ‘Gieco’, of a St Catherine address.

Police report that minutes before midday, the unruly passenger refused to pay his fare and a dispute developed during which the man delivered a crunching two-footed kick that sent Wright out the moving bus.

Wright landed on the asphalt along Spanish Town Road in the vicinity of Weymouth Drive. A motor vehicle which was travelling behind the bus drove over his head, crushing it.

The antagonist then jumped off the bus and attempted to escape but was held on Weymouth Drive by a police team after he was pointed out by onlookers. He was taken to the Hunts Bay Police Station where he was placed in custody. He is expected to be questioned this week.” – from Jamaica Observer

Condolences to his family from Stush.


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