A man was stunned in court Friday after his live-in lover, who he accused of running away with two barrels of clothing, confessed that she had been living with her boyfriend in another parish.

The woman, Elaine Forrester, was recently taken into custody and charged with simple larceny following allegations that she ran away after stealing two barrels of clothing valued at a little over $100,000 from the complainant’s home which they shared in Kingston.

But when Forrester appeared in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate’s Court, she denied the charge, claiming that she had abandoned the home — which she owns — because the complainant was demanding too much sex from her.

The complainant, on hearing the confession that Forrester was now living in Trelawny with her boyfriend, laughed at first, but when asked by the prosecutor if had known about the relationship, sat down and started rocking from side to side, pain etched on his face. -from The Jamaica Observer


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