Outgoing Chief Executive Officer of Digicel, Barry O’Brien, says the Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica (PSOJ) must move to ensure no additional or increased taxes are levied on the already shrinking budgets of businesses.

Finance Minister Dr. Peter Phillips has tabled a $641.5 billion budget in the House of Representatives along with a plan to collect $402 billion in tax revenue this year.

Dr. Peter Phillips also said Jamaicans can expect $8 billion in new taxes and additional compliance measures in the upcoming fiscal year.

O’Brien says in the coming weeks and months, the voice of the PSOJ will become even more critical to ensure the burden does not fall on the private sector.

#‎WhatDoYouThink‬? Does Digicel have a ‪#‎RightToComplain‬ or are they just ‪#‎Flexing‬?

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