An American man born to Jamaican parents has donated medical supplies to our local health sector. Kenneth Jackson, a 24-year-old health care consultant, endeavoured to start a “business that gives back” by selling premium quality stethoscopes for charity. The company, StethoHope, promises to donate a stethoscope to a medical facility in a developing country for every stethoscope purchased from its website
“It was inspired by seeing my grandfather pass away in Spanish Town Hospital and the lack of resources and care that was there. I didn’t know what to do. Just knowing that my grandfather wasn’t going to make it from the hospital alive, made me feel like there wasn’t hope for him and for everyone else in the hospital who needed care,” Jackson said of the genesis.
“I wasn’t the doctor in the family, but I always had a passion for health care growing up and wanted to give back in health care. The business of health care was kind of my part in giving back, and using my business mind and my heart, I wanted to really give back to Jamaica.”


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American born to Jamaican parents donates medical supplies to local health sector

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