A partnership between the charismatic Chef Brian Lumley and his younger sister Stephanie, Foodies Lyme had its inaugural staging on July 4th, after which the sibling team was invited to exhibit at the mecca of food exhibitions, the Observer Food Awards, where the chef was nominated for both chef and caterer of
the year.

STUSH stopped in for the October edition of the event, which featured cooking demonstrations of signature dishes, like Creole Lobster and Five-Spiced Roast Chicken, followed by the surprise dish of the night, Seafood Laksa with Lionfish. Demos by the charming chef were followed by generous tasting sessions for the attendees.

The event has continues to receive positive reviews from both corporate Jamaica and patrons alike. Foodies Lyme is considered to be Kingston’s premiere food focused event and the team is planning to tour the country with this very unique event.

Check out the highlights below and visit our Facebook page for the full album.

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