Jamaica’s 49th Independence Day Celebration held at the National Stadium was an excellent showcase of Jamaica’s cultural talent throughout the ages. From stalwarts like the Jolly Boys to the youngsters in the Tivoli Dance Troupe all the performances were a true spectacle. Stush has decided however to take the focus away from the scheduled presentations and place it on Gen X (and Y) ‘repping’ for JA in the stands!


#10. This beauty raises two flags for another double digit birthday celebration.

#9. “I thought you said: Would you like some cheese.”

#8. Future chip connoisseur and communications manager in the making!

#7. Cool water in this summer’s heat would make any kid smile!

#6. These bredrens know how to have a good time.

#5. Out of all the toothless pretties caught by our lenses this one is our top choice.

#4. This girl is not afraid to ‘skin teet’!

#3. Generation X will be all about keeping the peace and this darling knows it.

#2. This baby girl may not know all that’s going on but she knows which country she’s proud of!

#1. This cutie encompasses the spirit of JA with his sweet moves!

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