NASSAU, Bahamas:“Mi fraid! Mi fraid! God know mi fraid!” These are the cries of a Jamaican woman who alleges that she was ab
ducted and raped by a senior immigration officer in The Bahamas earlier this week.

After the traumatic series of events unfolded, the victim said her attacker “had the nerve” to supply his phone number, suggest they could date, and ask for a kiss before leaving her..

The Jamaican woman, who is from Ocho Rios, St Ann, said the ordeal began early on the morning of Saturday, December 13, when police arrested 11 women on suspicion of prostitution during a raid at a local bar.

Off all the women picked up, the alleged victim, who worked as a bartender, was the only employee. #CanYouBelieveThis?

#WhatKindOfWorldAreWelIvingIn? #AreJamaicansNotSafeInCaricom?

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