The children I see in Jamaica today are passionate, strong, lively, enthusiastic, humorous and continually striving for success but under what difficult conditions and how many obstacles must they overcome?

They prove themselves to be the definition of resilience, yet an elastic band can only be stretched and regain its shape thus far before it will break. Too many of our children are being broken. This then shows up later as teen pregnancy, drug use, suicide, violence and abuse.

In a recent Peace Management Initiative (PMI) review of 50 high-risk male community youth aged 15-27 years, 80 per cent had dropped out of school, 70 per cent had been involved in gang activity and 60 per cent incarcerated at least once ‪#‎WhatDoYouSay‬?

What can we do to ‪#‎SaveOurYouth‬?

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