After allegedly beating Edwards to death with a shovel, Oral “Duppy Eye” Smith was killed by residents of the Savannah Cross community in rural Clarendon.

As news of Edwards’ killing spread like wildfire through the community anger grew among the residents, some went in search of Smith. Their rage was further fueled as, according to them, Edwards was not a troublemaker and was actually seen as a motivator among the younger persons in Savannah Cross.

Edwards was attacked about 4:00 pm and about four hours later the mob converged on the work site after getting word that Smith was holed up on the second floor of the unfinished building where he had allegedly carried out his deadly deed.

Smith was said to be reading the Bible, leapt from the structure as the angry mob closed in on him. He was reportedly hit with stones before he managed to flee for some distance. However, he was brought back close to the spot where he allegedly killed Edwards where he was chopped and beaten to death. -from The Jamaica Observer


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