According to the JUTC, the system, which relies on passengers using concession cards to ride the buses, is haven for a successful extortion ring involving children.

Apparently ‘there are children who are running successful businesses using their concession cards to pay for their friends. So you pay a $30 fi you friend but him have to give you $50,’

The current system also allows for abuse by unscrupulous drivers who collect the full fare of $120 from an adult but issue the person a concession ticket.

“You give him a concession ticket, its recorded as a concession passenger but you go with the $80 or $90 for yourself. All of that were removing and we are starting by saying to our drivers, that effective September 14th you cannot use your cards to issue any concession tickets,” Marketing and Communications Manager Clinton Clarke declared.


#GoodMove for 2015 or just a #PebbleInAPond?

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