Today, LIME Jamaica created communications history with their announcement of pre-paid $2.99 per min, and postpaid $1.99 per min rates – almost beyond belief, eeh? Congratulations to LIME on their new ‘TALK EZ’ plan that will ultimately benefit even the island’s most shallow pockets. The plan includes $2.99 calls to UK, U.S., and Canada landlines for those with family overseas – another groundbreaking offer from the telecommunications giant. As if that wasn’t enough, their budget Alcatel phone will go on offer tomorrow at a 50% reduction of $999, and what’s more, the customer will receive the same amount ($999) in credit, meaning the phone is essentially FREE! Our Stush socks are truly knocked off…phew…we need a glass of water! Picture below features regional vice-president Grace Silvera, and managing director Garry Sinclair.

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