Mello-Go-Roun’ 2013, Happy Birthday Jamaica !

Having enjoyed 50 years of performing arts grandeur interwoven in an array of expressions featuring highlights from Jamaican Music and Traditional Folk Forms to Drama, Dance and Speech, the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission now offers “Mello-Go-Roun” 2013 “MELLO MANIA!”

The celebratory place of Mello Mania was at the mystical Palaces of Jamaica (Ranny Williams Entertainment Centre) where dynamic, highly energetic and entertaining performances are showcased.

The three act show (Parading, Waves of Creation and Spectacular) was a full three course meal and STUSH got the chance to partake in this melting pot of culture. The patrons grooved to the percussive melodies of the Ardenne High School Drummers and awed at the the adorable girls from Little London Primary School in their “Bubbles and Clip”.

Belmont Park Primary left the patrons mesmerized by their dexterous and acrobatic dance routine, it was truly a jaw dropper! Michael Lewis from Dembigh High School left us in stitches when he shared with us the story of Anancy & Jerk Chicken and we jammed to Glenmuir High School’s arrangement of Mavado and T-Pain’s “Survivor”.

STUSH approves Mello-Go-Roun as “The Premier Family Entertainment Show”

Check out the highlights below and visit our Facebook page for the full album.


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