Last Saturday, The Ranny Williams Entertainment Centre was the venue to the grand coronation of 2013’s Ms. Jamaica Festival Queen Competition. It was indeed a STUSH pleasure to see talent, intellect, beauty and purpose at its best. The night started out with the parish queens introducing themselves and from the onset we realized that each queen had their designated patrons from each parish cheering and rooting them on.

However it was the talent section that made the competition more intense as each queen was prepared to wow the audience. Our multi-talented Jamaican beauties played various roles and executed their music, dance and speech items with excellent proficiency. Ms. St. Ann, a DJ, was blazing the turntables during her talent piece, while Ms. Manchester represented the breadfruit who insisted that it must be a part of the National Dish, Ms. Kingston and St. Andrew who brought the house down with her powerful voice and medley of Jamaican Festival hits. But it was Ms. St. Mary’s performance of the freshest song and dance on the scene “Wage Freze” that took the Most Talented trophy.

Trelawny, St. Mary, St.Catherine, St. Elizabeth and Manchester all made it to the top five, and with well answered questions the judges had to go into overtime to deliberate the outcome of the competition. In the end, 2nd Runner Up went to Evonie Blake who represented the parish of St. Elizabeth; Nordia Antwine from St. Mary was our 1st Runner Up and Ms. Jamaica Festival Queen 2013 was none other than Krystal Tomlinson from the parish of Manchester!

Check out the highlights below and visit our Facebook page for the full album.

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