As the annual National Prayer Breakfast enters its 35th staging today, the praises and criticisms that accompanied it from the start have continued with consistent energy.

“Cockroach nuh business inna fowl fight,” quipped M. Muhammad, a member of the Islamic Council of Jamaica, as he gave his take on the exclusion of the Muslim community from the event. “This doesn’t carry any weight because it is just a show on TV, as it does not include other religious faiths.”

Contrastingly, Maxine Stowe, a consultant for the Rastafari Millennium Council, has no problem with being excluded.

“I do not think that Rastafarians should be invited to this annual event as it would be hypocritical, based on history. In the context of Jamaican society, Rastafarians are not recognised in any fundamental way,” Stowe argued. 

Should we strive for more #ReligiousTolerance or is the Prayer Breakfast #NotReallyNational at all?

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