More than 7 years after she was infected with HIV by a needle while working as a nurse at a hospital in central Jamaica, Lydia James is yet to receive one red cent in compensation from the State even though the Government has accepted liability.

James, a mother of five, has been living with HIV since September 2007 when she was stuck in her buttocks by an HIV/AIDS patient on a ward.

Since then, the Government has accepted liability but is yet to pay her any of the US$1.7 million (approx J$200 million) she has demanded in compensation.

“Three years ago, I sent them my claim and they haven’t even written back to me,” James’ lawyer, Khadine Dixon ‪#‎WhatDoYouSay‬?

Doesn’t the gov’t need to ‪#‎CleanUpThereAct‬ here, or are we really okay with ‪#‎BusinessAsUsual‬?

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