Chairman of Barita Investments Ltd, Rita Humphries-Lewin, believes that the use of patois in the media is negatively affecting the teaching of English language at the early childhood level.
Humphries-Lewin, whose company has contributed significantly to early childhood education through its Barita Education Foundation (BEF), is also calling for higher standards for entry to teachers’ colleges as she says many trained teachers are unable to speak English properly.

“We need to bring back grammar into the elementary schools, and I would also take this opportunity of speaking to the media and the advertising agencies of trying to infuse their ads and comments with… patois. We all know and can speak patois, but this bombardment of patois in the media is now requiring that translation from patois to English is becoming a major task in the basic schools,” Humphries-Lewin said on Wednesday. -from The Observer

Stush peeps where do you stand on patois?


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