Jamaica is to be darkness-free by 2017. Well, almost free of darkness, according to Phillip Paulwell, the energy minister who says the Government is prepared to use solar energy to power houses in remote rural areas – “We expect that, by 2017, some 99.99 % of the country will be covered,”

At present, 95 % of the country is covered, which Paulwell said is due in the main to the role of the Rural Electrification Programme (REP) established in the 1970s.

However West Portland MP Daryl Vaz said “The demand is so much more than the budgetary allocation. I would love to accept Minister Paulwell’s projection of 2017, but I don’t see it [as] possible.”

Also, Dorrett Abrahams, who resides in the beachfront community of Albion Heights, which lies between Yallahs, St Thomas, & Bull Bay, St Andrew, said that despite the area being part of a development which began in the 1960s, residents are yet to get electricity in 2015.

Is it possible to ‪#‎BringTheLight‬ or is Minister Paulwell‪ #‎TrippingTheLightFantastic‬?

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