A SMALL group from the Rastafarian community watched with keen interest and waited patiently yesterday as the Senate debated for nearly five hours the Dangerous Drugs (Amendment) Act, 2015, which was later passed with five amendments.

The legislation makes the possession of two ounces, or less, of ganja a non-arrestable, but ticketable, offence attracting a fixed monetary penalty. It also will allow for a scheme of licences, permits, and other authorisations which enable the establishment of a lawful, regulated industry for ganja for medical, therapeutic and scientific purposes.

Justice Minister Senator Mark Golding, who piloted the bill, accepted a recommendation from his colleague, Senator KD Knight, to set up an appellate tribunal to review the revocation of the licences of persons who had received permits to grow marijuana for medicinal purposes.


Is this good news or bad?

‪#‎HighTimes‬ or‪ #‎ReeferMadness‬?

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