Crimson Heart Replica at Susie’s Bakery – February 9, 2011



Written by Mr. Willmatic -a.k.a – Alchemidas

Photography by Alchemidas Photography –


Many performers talk about the horror of nerves when performing live for an audience, but many also add that performing for strangers can be much easier, probably due to the fact that you can say “thank you, and goodnight” and more than likely never see them again. Performing in front of loved-ones is a different kettle of fish. For me, personally, my mother has always been my biggest critic, but it helped me to develop a high standard in everything I do, even if it did irritate the hell out of me at times.


On February 9th, Katherine Chr of Crimson Heart Replica performed live in front of her mother for the first time. It was also a first for me, having ‘known’ Kat in an online sense for a couple of years now, I’d been looking forward to a CHR performance. I was to find that the band had become just one, having gone their separate ways in the last few months; not that it mattered too much to me, because Katherine was what attracted me to the project to start with. We went along to Susie’s Bakery for a little chat, some picture-taking, and to enjoy a chilled-out solo performance from one of Jamaica’s most passionate young musicians.



Stush asks: How has your mother influenced your life, and how did her musical tastes affect yours?


“My mom has always been supportive of whatever interests I developed throughout my life, so when it came to choosing a musical career, she had her apprehensions at first but she always raised me to be my own person and to do my own thing. As for the music I was brought up with; mom likes a lot of classic R&B, so I guess that’s where my soul influence comes from, Motown an dem ting deh.”



Stush asks: Do you think young musicians are getting a fair deal these days, or is it becoming increasingly more difficult to ‘break through’?


“I think it’s all been done before, so if you’re that interested in “breaking through” then you should just do exactly what the industry wants you to do. If not, take your own path and build your own legacy. I don’t think it’s hard to break through, I just think there’s a zillion times more music in the world now, so much that you have to stand out like the sorest thumb and stick to your guns like a torpedo, just in order to be seen and heard.”



Stush asks: If you had to choose just FIVE artists to listen to for the rest of your life, what would they be?


“Anything by Stevie Wonder, Discovery, Telepopmusik, Bob Marley, and Radiohead.”



Stush asks: Who is currently your favourite Jamaican artist?


“Mi fave Jamaican artiste right now would have to be Vybz Kartel, only because he’s the only dude I find myself listening to on the rare occasions when I decide to listen to Dancehall, even if he is ‘Michael ‘Cake Soap’ Jackson’, hahaha. I, myself, have been labelled as ‘Alternative Lovers’ Rock’, and that suits me.



Stush asks: What are your plans for 2011?


“In 2011 I wanna travel, promote more events, and get in the studio as much as possible. Anywhere the wind blows me I’ll be there with a song.








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