You’ve never seen a dinner party like this before!

#Taboo explores the lives of a beautiful lawyer, doting sister and mother of two with an accountant husband and all around #1 dad with a dirty past. The cast is completed with a deeply depressed out-of-work writer and over attached brother who is married to his fashionista wife who happens to be a medical executive and the family’s breadwinner.

The packed audience sat at first in silence and was willingly carried on a journey led by the cast, but as the journey got turbulent the audience reaction made a complete 360 as the play intensified. At this point STUSH and the audience were at the edge of our seats! We saw that the seemingly surface problems were not the real issue, it was the SEX!

#Taboo is aptly titled because we got a taste of what two married couples will do when faced with the complications of their sexualities. Secrets are revealed as the accountant isn’t the only one with a racy past, all at a birthday dinner party. Delicious!

STUSH celebrates the skill and talent of Kieran King (playwright), Lisa Williams, Rodney Campbell and the breakout star Yendi Phillipps (in her theatrical debut) with direction from Eugene Williams (head of the Edna Manley College’s School of Drama).

STUSH approves that this play is a must see for a mature audience. #Taboo runs Tuesdays to Saturdays at 8:00pm and Sundays at 6:00pm at the The Philip Sherlock Centre For The Creative Arts . Come out and support Jamaican theatre at its best.

Check out the highlights below and visit our Facebook page for the full album.

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