Youth for sale!  Teen prostitution in demand in Corporate Area!

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While the world focuses on the plight of young people in the sex trade, Kingston St. Andrew & the Corporate area has experienced an increased demand for teen prostitutes in recent times, this according to Toni & Marsha- prostitutes who upon entering the illegal sex industry while still minors, had no problems attracting clients.
“Nobody nuh watch the age. Dem just want know say you shape nice & look nice,” declared Toni, who is transgender and prefers to be referred to as ‘she’, particularly when he is clad in his female attire. He said from early, his clientele included persons from all sectors of society who paid no attention to the fact that they were committing carnal abuse by having sex with a minor. “You have all policeman come. One policeman come inna the government car, and when you a drive inna it him tell you fi drop back the seat.”

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