Standing out in a crowd with characteristic beach style is certainly not an easy feat but these seven fierce femmes seemed to effortlessly transform the day to day dreams of male partygoers into steamy, lasting fantasies. From crochet to ruffles and cut-outs to plunging V’s Stush lenses caught the sexiest and flirtiest swimsuits (and attitudes) over Emancipation Weekend. Let the countdown begin!

Stush coverage of Smirnoff Dream Weekend brought to you by CARRERAS LTD.

#7. This girl is the ultimate flirt in this bright pink one piece which ups the sensual factor with perfectly placed cutouts.

#6. Smirnoff definitely caters to their target audience with steamy bikinis and this tantalizing trio.

#5. Kudos to this beauty for repping ‘yaad’ over Emancipation weekend. Black, green and gold done right!

#4. Ruffles make the perfect accents to this sweetheart’s dreamy white suit.

#3. Unique shoulder details make this one piece a showstopper amongst all of its two piece counterparts.

#2. Only a body like this could pull off this suits barely there flair!

#1. Long sleeves may not be the typical suit style but this foxy female makes it nothing but seductive!

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