Dream Weekend’ s countdowns continue with Stush’s Top Six Magnetic Misters . From the super cute to the super confident and all the hot bodies in between these six men certainly projected their sexy amongst the masses. Finally some eyecandy just for the ladies!

Stush coverage of Smirnoff Dream Weekend brought to you by CARRERAS LTD.


#6. We’re not sure why this dude is wearing a mask but his peek-a-boo 6 pack lands him the #6 spot on our lst.

#5. A bandana and a fitted make the perfect ‘playa’ add ons to this handsome fella’s clean cut look.

#4. Dis yute nah pretend and hungry never looked so good!

#3. Full white gives this cutie our full attention!

#2. A guy with dimples…. nuff said.

#1. Very few guys can make preppy look as dapper as this gent does. We dub JA’s Mr. Bentley our #1.

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