On Saturday August 17th 2013 in celebration of the 126th anniversary of the birth of our founder, the UNIA is proud to host the fIfth annual Marcus Garvey Awards dinner and ceremony, honoring ordinary Jamaicans who are accomplishing extra ordinary things. Join us at 7pm on the East Lawns of Devon House in honor of our first national, and 99 years since the founding of our great confraternity, as we recognize Jamaicans who have given unselfishly to improve the lives of their fellow countrymen.

From agriculture and education to business and the arts, Garvey intended an African empire that would meet the challenges of the world industrially and socially, while lending its protection to Africa’s sons and daughters at home and abroad.

On August 17th in 1887, Jamaica’s first national hero was born. Marcus Mosiah Garvey would later emerge on the world stage as the founder of the largest pan-African mass movement ever.

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