What were u thinking..?  this is actually a Sea Palm- Nut & Stem!

#wecouldntmakethisup #MotherNature


The Sea Coconut also known as Coco de Mer, Love Nut, double coconut, coco fresse, or Seychelles Nut. is a palm prevalent in the islands of Praslin and Curieuse in the Seychelles Islands, northeast of Madagascar and about 1,600 km (994 mi) east of Kenya . The tree grows to 25–34 m tall. It is dioecious having both separate male and female plants. The male flowers are up to 1 m long. The mature fruit is 40–50 cm in diameter and weighs 15–30 kg, and contains the largest seed in the plant kingdom. The fruit requires 6–7 years to mature and a further two years to germinate.

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