THE Jamaica Public Service (JPS) has filed an appeal against the Supreme Court’s decision to strike down the exclusivity aspect of its all-island licence, The Observer reported.

Yesterday, Hugh Wildman, the lawyer who represents the group that had challenged the light and power company’s licence, said that the JPS’ decision to contest Justice Bryan Sykes’ ruling is going to cost the utility company “dearly”.

He said that he will be filing a counter appeal today in which he will ask the Court of Appeal to formally declare the current JPS licence illegal. The attorney said that he will be also ask the court to rule that the light and power company refund the Jamaican public all the profits it derived under the licence.

“That will be devastating for them because they will not be able to pay back all that money,” Wildman said. “It will cost them dearly. They should have left it alone, but they want the monopoly at all cost. They will have to pack up and leave Jamaica after this.”

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