In the arms of the almighty! Jamaicans believe God alone can stop crime & corruption!
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What do you think Fam, does God expect us to help ourselves or can we pray away any problem?

Months after National Security Minister Peter Bunting declared it would take divine intervention to bring significant change to Jamaica’s crime rate, a study has determined that people in several rural communities and across the Corporate Area believe the Church is their only hope of curbing corruption.

The study, undertaken by the Women’s Research and Outreach Centre (WROC) and titled Gender and Corruption: Making the Connections to Promote Good Governance, was conducted from October to November 2013.

Lead researcher Dr Adwoa Onuora, who spoke with The Gleaner after revealing the findings of the study during a forum last week, said there was an overwhelming dependence on the Church to be the champion of change.


“What persons are saying is that it will take a higher spiritual being to intervene and bring about change. Citizens have given up on the police and the overall justice system. The number one most corrupt individuals were believed to be police officers, followed by politicians,” Onuora said.

“In fact, persons also believe that jungle justice is another way of giving a fair trial. However, we find that people prefer to avoid conflicts with the law, so persons have opted to pray and leave it to God.”

The study involved 10 focus-group discussions in two rural communities in St Thomas, as well as the communities of Lyndurst, Greenwich, Trench Town, Rose Town, Torrington and Whitfield Town in Kingston.

She also noted that there was an overall sense of disappointment in law-enforcement institutions and the political system.

“Many of them (citizens) have come to the conclusion that the justice system only works for persons from the upper echelons of society and for people who are wealthy. They also felt hopeless because of the fear of being labelled ‘an informer’ if they divulge information,” Onuora said.


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