The BAFTA winning play about police corruption, drugs, guns and politics is written by Roy Williams – famed for his plays Sucker Punch and Fallout, and features Goldie (London Urban Music Star), Trevor Laird and Brian Bovell.

In the play, the officers of Denham Town Police Station in downtown Kingston have cause for celebration after successfully arresting notorious gangster Joker (Goldie). Sinister, but often silent, choosing instead to intimidate the officers with laughter or dismissive glares, Joker is held behind bars on suspicion of the murder of a visiting businessman. In a bid to crack the case, black British officer James (Derek Elroy) is sent over from England and is determined to bring order to what he sees as a backward and disorganised policing system

The Play is being shown in Gerry Raffles Square in London at the Theatre Royal Stratford East.


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