Celebrating five years, the Jamaica Youth Chorale is a real collision of personalities and energies from all across the island who all come together for the sake of the excellent music. Sunday February 23, 2014 marked the fifth annual staging of the JYC’s flagship event, Ancestor Voices: Lift Every Voice for Freedom at the University Chapel.

The repertoire was complex and the choristers make it sound easy and well done. In honor of black history month, it features Jamaican and African traditional and contemporary works as well as the American Negro Spiritual. The entertaining and soul stirring show staged by Principal Choreographer Ricardo McKenzie featured works by musical directors Dr. Katherine Brown and Hanif Lawrence.

Gregory Simms, principal director of the JYC spoke to Moses Hogan as the choir’s featured artist by saying “…Moses is the King of the Negro Spiritual and his singers are the example in choral excellence I live by. His body of work is so impressive, expressive and so eloquent. It represents what choral music is all about: bodies and voices, together, transmitting life and meaning through music to everything and body around it. That is what I work to accomplish with the JYC”

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