A Coward dies a thousand times! Images of Ferry Captain abandoning ship!

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Revealed, stunning Images of the Sewol ferry captain abandoning ship & leaving hundreds to die!

Of the many shocking and wrenching images that have come from the sinking of the Sewol ferry, one that stands out depicts the vessel’s captain — head bowed and covered by a hood — standing on dry land admitting he had abandoned ship.

He was, in fact, among the first to be rescued.

Most shocking is not this image itself, but the realization that Captain Lee Joon-seok must have known as he got off the Sewol that hundreds of other passengers — including 325 students — were still inside, apparently following instructions to stay put — instructions that may be proven by investigators to have led directly to their deaths.

On Monday, the South Korean coast guard released new footage of the captain and other crew members leaving the ship — images that to me are equally disturbing.

At this point the Sewol is leaning dangerously, to the port or left side, its upper deck under water.

No one knows the vessel is close to beginning its final descent to the seabed.

But Captain Lee, wearing a shirt and what looks like his underwear, and other crew members are helped into a small rescue boat, leaving the passengers to their fate.

In cell phone footage taken by a teenage boy inside the Sewol — also released in recent days — students after being told effectively to sit tight are seen patiently waiting for further instructions and for help to arrive. A showing of faith and trust in authority that appears now tragically misplaced.

None of the crew, including the captain, identified themselves to rescuers as crew members, the first coast guard responders said in a press conference on Monday. Their uniforms — if they were wearing them — were hidden by life vests.

This footage has only added to already widespread public revulsion in South Korea around the events surrounding the sinking of the Sewol.

A week ago, President Park Geun-hye described the crew’s actions as being “like murder.”

An aunt of one of the student victims from Danwon High School spoke of how “ashamed” she was that this could happen in South Korea. She is so upset, she just wants to leave the country.

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